Life: Finding Magic

If you're a bird, I'm a bird.*
Since I started scrapbooking last year, I've really been able to find beauty in the simple things that are always around me. Sometimes, I can't whip my camera out in time and that really bums me out. 

I love sunsets. If you follow me on Instagram you know this is 100% fact. I'm lucky enough to live in an apartment that looks towards one every single night - or well, I do live in Vancouver, so sometimes the rain gets in the way. I live pretty high up so I also get to watch the birds fly around and man, have I fallen in love with birds. Pair a beautiful sunset with birds flying around and I'm done.  

My question to you guys, what simple things do you find magic in?

* yup, that's from The Notebook ;)


  1. Hi Tracy, I found your blog some weeks ago and it's the first time I comment here.
    I can't agree with you more! Since I started doing my project life I find beauty in the simple things of everyday and I try to capture them. Sunrises, sunsets and clouds are my favourite "simple things". Regards from a single girl from Spain ;-)

  2. This is beautiful. Since starting Project Life and memory keeping, I've become so much more aware of what's around me, how I'm spending time, and how I plan future time. I've definitely been noticing the magic is smaller things around me.

    Last year I was in a new country, and everything seemed like magic. This year I'm in a new city, and it has its own magic too. In the summer here, it gets so hot that the clouds break open and pour onto everything. Ten minutes later, and its as sunny as ever. Most days we are getting lightning storms. Johannesburg calls itself the lightning capital of the world. These storms are crazy beautiful, and leave the sky bright pink. So that is my current magic. The JHB skyline against a bright pink sky. I really need to get closer and snap a photo of it. For now, here's an image from google:

    And I LOVE your sunset shots.