Project Life: Nine

Nothing too exciting with this spread. But they can't all be exciting, right? The left side is just some random photos I took over a couple days (again, forgetting to use my date stamp... I really need to remember to start using that more). I like this quote from Marc Jacobs and I needed a spot on my filler card - made from a scrap from my brush script practicing - so I used my manual typewriter to type that in the white space.

On the right, I used my LifeLovePaper "Currents" stamp from Studio Calico to write about my current obsessions with chips and salsa and "dirty chai's" from Starbucks. Dirty Chai's are chai tea latte/fraps mixed with a shot of espresso. Yes, it's as interesting as it sounds.. it's also amazingly delicious. 

And that's all! I've decided to do ten pages per month (not including various little inserts) so I have the back of this spread for the last few days in January, which obviously I'll post when it's done. I figure if I can keep it to 10 pages per month, that's 30ish pages (not counting inserts) per album. If I can stick to that then I should hopefully be able to have three Handbooks for the year.... at least that's what I'm telling myself.


  1. Three handbooks for the year... yeah we'll see...

    (love those lines)