Project Life: Three

Life is beautiful, indeed! One of my goals this year was to incorporate more text, more little stories to go along with the pictures. To be honest, I hate to journal. It feels weird and awkward for me. I'd rather just let the pictures tell a story. But if I didn't, five years down the road, I'd look at that picture of me reading and think "now, why did I take a picture of myself reading a book?!" so I guess to avoid situations like that, I need to journal. This will also help my second goal for the year, which is to use up more of my Studio Calico Project Life kits. I'm a hoarder, so I have a lot of stuff.. stuff that I need to actually use up. So if I can add at least one journal card to each spread, I think that'll help! 


  1. That spread is absolutely stunning! I love all of it. The pictures, the themes (I'm a book lover, too, and I adores those books) and the colour scheme. You inspire me!!