Project Life: Feb Two + Hand Stitched Pockets

It was my birthday on Monday, so I decided to dedicate a spread to the day (well, the weekend but most photos were from one day). I really liked the photo I took of a piece of my cake with Sophie and Sadie in the background so I made that a full 6x8 (using my super simple tutorial). Somehow I managed to mess up the alignment a bit so when it printed it was a bit wonky but I'm embracing the imperfection and saving myself the ink and just going with it anyways.  

Because I wanted to include more pictures than usual (but not enough to use a 2x2 page protector) I decided to make one of my own. So using a full 6x8 October Afternoon page, some gold (duh) thread and a needle.. I went to town and created my own. Yup, hand stitched the whole thing, while watching Roswell on Netflix. 

Basically all I did was take a ruler, measure out the pockets - they were roughly 3.2x2.8 - then used a water based marker to dot the lines. I took a piece of scrap cardboard and put it inside the pocket and used a sharp blade to slice plastic to make the top of the pocket open up. Next I took a pillow and a needle and punctured holes all along the lines and hand stitched the pockets closed. It took longer than if you'd have a sewing machine and some of the lines turned out a bit wonky.. but it worked and I'm super happy with out it looks! I think I'll try it again using different sized pockets!


  1. Great job. Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

  2. Thanks for representing us single ladies that like to document our lives! Love your blog!
    P.S. if you're thinking of making more custom pocket pages like you did here, you may love a Sew Easy....for a girl like me that doesn't have room for a real sewing machine but likes scrapping, it's a game changer!