Project Life: Ten

I've been in a bit of a creative rut lately. I'm not sure why, possibly the lack of sunshine - going to work in the dark, coming home in the dark pretty much blows. I haven't been taking as many pictures as I would have liked to which in turn means I don't have much to put into a spread. BUT I guess that's okay seeing as it was the end of January and I've already filled ten pages, plus a few inserts. 

I decided to cut down a Becky Higgins Design I page protector. The squares are slightly larger than 4x4. Oddly enough, I decided to include these before I got the coaster from the restaurant I had lunch at on Tuesday- which fit into the pocket perfectly. Serendipity at its finest my friends. My friend Brenny's daughter had a really rough day this week and it broke my heart. She loves looking at pictures of Sophie so I took that top one for her to cheer her up a bit. "she's coming over? she's gonna be mine?"

I decided to print one large 6x8 photo (not two 4x6's) because on the back side is my February calendar, which you'll see once that spread is done. Plus it's pretty great so I didn't want to cut it up. 

And that's it, January is in the books. I'm ready for February, my favourite month.


  1. Cutest! Thanks for the pic Trace! <3

  2. Love the square inserts! And the Meh card! :)

  3. Love your spreads! I've just finished up January + am all ready for February but I don't have much to document yet so I'm trying to make myself wait!! [It seems to come out better if I wait until I have enough for a full page at once]

  4. I love this so....haha. So sweet of you to take that picture of Sophie for your friend's daughter.