Project Life: March Nine

Continuing to play catch up here. I've had spreads done for a week and just no time to get them up onto the blog. Why is blogging so difficult to keep up with? Anyways, this was from over a week ago, I played around with the large 6x8 photo and then change that one to next week - go with the flow, not keeping any order, for the win! I know for some people, keeping things in chronological order is super important, but for me, not so much and I'm thankful for that because it means no stress if I don't like the way a photo looks in a spread - I just move it to the next page haha. 

Supplies: The "love this, love you" just sort of happened. The love this and love was cut out from some Maggie Holmes paper. The you jewel is by Glitz Design, it's so adorable, it's like a gem stone! The gold glitter enamel dots are from Studio Calico and the small heart is from a sticker sheet I got ages ago from a dollar store (I think!). 


  1. This is a great spread! I love the peach tones with the pink and black. Well done! And you seem to be blogging along at a perfectly fline clip, unlike me!

  2. Oh my gosh, I think I have to see Divergent. I live in Chicago now so it'll be cool to see the dystopian version of it. Also I saw the movie 'The Spectacular Now' with the lead actress from Divergent and she was SO natural, beautiful and lovely. I was enamored with her in it. Was she good in Divergent too?