Project Life: March One

Sometimes I like to include pop culture in my spreads to mix things up a bit. And what better way to document pop culture than with the Oscars! When Ellen busted out her phone for a selfie, and a billion celebs jumped in forever making it the best Oscars picture and the best selfie of all time, I knew I had to put it into my album. Originally I cut it in half to fit two 3x4 pockets but I hated that, so I just taped it together - because sometimes, that's just what you gotta do. As ''Adele Dazeem'' sung, let it gooo!

I used a Becky Higgins 5x7 page protector as an insert for my Oscars ballot - a free printable from Chapters which sadly, as I found out as the night went on, was wrong in a couple categories *let it gooo!*. For the backside I printed a vertical 4x6 with four of my favourite celebs in their fabulous gowns. Which was perfect to fill the space as well as add some extra photos. I wrote about the "Ellen Selfie" with my type writer onto a piece of Maggie Holmes paper and typed out my favourite quote of the night onto vellum and attached it over top of a super-super shiny sparkly piece of gold paper (from Michaels). Tokyo calendar is by Rifle Paper Co.


  1. I love this idea so much! I was involved it an Oscar Pool for the first time this year, and I never thought about including it in my scrapbook! What a great idea! And the Ellen selfie is Gold! What a great thing to include!

  2. I am in love with that quote from Lupita Nyong'o. She was so cute during the entire show which truthfully, I didn't watch much of.

    I never thought about including pop culture things into my PL. I just stuck with my own life photos. I think I should do something like this... maybe a handbook size "about me" album.

  3. Great idea and a great spread, I love the antique look to the papers you chose and the type font, very cool!