Project Life: April Five - Currently

It's funny how one simple idea can snowball into an entire spread. Nicole Reaves posted a Project Life card on Instagram that she made. I loved it and thought it would be a great idea to incorporate into a spread. Little did I know that I would turn that little card idea into an entire spread. Another perk of 6x8.

So, during my weekend of relaxation last week I got madly got to work. Ideas were flowing and I couldn't keep them all straight. I knew I wanted to do another hand stitched triangle page because the last one I did was so much fun. I grabbed some amazing papers by Amy TangerineLifeLovePaperStudio Calico and Glitz Design and cut them down to triangle pieces, then hand stitched a Simple Stories full 6x8 page protector with gold thread.

The Currently card is a Two Peas in a Bucket exclusive. These wood cards are amazing, I highly recommend them for your Project Life spreads. They are too thick so they don't add any bulkiness. I usually by two (or three) because I want to hoard them ALL.

Just for fun, I took a bunch of random funny selfies and then took a screenshot of all the photos in my photo album on my iPhone. I thought it was a great way to include photos of how I'm currently feeling haha. 

Then, using my type writer, I typed out all the current things I'm loving, which will be fun to look at towards the end of the year. Maybe my likes will have changed - who knows!

I think my most favourite part of this is the Lovely & Brave transparency. It is an old freebie from Studio Calico. It was a regular printable that I printed on a transparency instead of card stock. I then cut it down to fit a 6x8 page protector.


  1. LOVE the triangles and transparency!

  2. Hi Tracy, First, I love your style - very cool. We are almost neighbors - I am a Langley girl and found your blog through the 2 peas link :)
    I fell in love with that "you are forever lovely" printable from Studio Calico, but couldn't find it on their website, I was wondering if you remember where they had it available. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  3. Another AMAZING spread!! I always fall in love with your pages..I'm becoming a huge fan! Hehehe

  4. T Bone, that transparency is just the best.

  5. Well if I were as cute as you, I'd take all those selfies too. This is amaze-balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!