Project Life: April Nine

Super simple layouts are just what you need sometimes. I admire those who can make every pocket feel like a mini layout, but that's just not for me. Keep it simple, that's what I tell myself. That's also why I love this spread so much. Photos, one journal card, one filler card and a couple little embellishments. Love.

I used my favourite Studio Calio gold edged labels - SC, please please please make these a shop item, I need thousands of them. And I use the cork alphas from the Bluegrass Farm kit to spell out 'home' on the picture of my bed/gallery wall aka my favourite part of my entire apartment. FYI: the cork alphas are tricky to peel off, I ripped off some of the cork from my (only) H!

The 4x6 card came together perfectly. I made it using Photoshop, which I currently am using a 30-day free trial of. I used Photoshop when I was a teenager all the time and I loved it, so thankfully I still remember the basics, but man that program is not super simple to use - be warned! But honestly, it's making me enjoy creating my album so much more. I love having the freedom to do things with it that I just can't do on my iPhone - like this 4x6 card.


  1. I love this layout! (I agree with keeping it simple. It's too hard to keep up otherwise).

  2. I love simple, too! Your simple is beautiful by the way :)