Project Life: April Two

When I did 12x12 layouts last year, one of the things I had the most fun with was including inserts. I loooove inserts. One of my trips to New York last year resulted in eleven pages of inserts. Mostly Design G or cut down Design F pages but yes, eleven pages. Doing 6x8 this year makes adding inserts a little more tricky. Obviously, I cannot include that many pages for an event or trip, so I have to be more creative - which means more fun for me.  

I knew I wanted to include all these super fun selfies my friends and I took, it was probably the highlight of the entire weekend. I made a collage and printed it off as a full 6x8. Then for the other pictures I took I sized them down to fit into a cut down baseball card page protector. The size is roughly 2.5x3.5. This worked perfectly. I'm so happy with how it turned out. I added an Avery tab label, as I always did last year with inserts and slipped a piece of Maggie Holmes paper into the tab.

For the journal cards, I cut down a few 3x4 cards from the Studio Calico monthly Project Life kits. And I also cut down the menu and included that. The black and white paper behind the hotel room card is by Glitz Design and is one of my favourite papers (honestly, I bought like 6 sheets of it haha). There's a major lack of journaling but that's just how it goes sometimes. Though, I added a few words to a couple photos using vellum and my typewriter. 

Side note: that breakfast was amazing, I had it two days in a row and I could seriously go for it right now.

My favourite picture from the weekend was this super blurry one we took while we were all laughing out heads off. We all just look like fuzzy blobs but I think it really captures how much fun we had. I took a digital stamp from Studio Calico placed it over top. Sadly, these files are no longer available for purchase.


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