Project Life: May One

When I started the year, I was so excited to use the Rifle Paper Co. cities calendar as my monthly dividers, I think mainly because the first one was New York and I have a love affair with that place. Cut to now and I hate them. I haaate them. The colours are bland and so hard to work with but because I'm OCD (and because the calendar cost me $16) I'm going to keep using them for the rest of the year. Though I wish I had stuck with my original idea to use the Jasmine Dowling free printable calendar, but decided against that because too many people were using them and I wanted to be different. Hmm. That said, I love the large America Rifle Paper Co. calendar I have hanging on my wall - I think because the colours are bolder and brighter. 

Anyway, I digress... 

I have Sophie back now, yay!! I think she'd a little miffed at me because she's currently sleeping/hiding in her kennel. It might also be because I've done nothing but kiss her face since she came home.

I used black and gold washi tape from Glitz Design to "spice" up the calendar a bit and that was really the only embellishment I used. Vanessa Documented has this amazing free printable on her blog and I used it as a digital stamp in Photoshop to add it to the photo of Sophie and I. 


  1. Another pretty layout. I know what you mean about being tired of the calendar. Not sure if it makes you feel better, but I think it looks nice, and it adds a fun element to your layout. Sometimes I don't love something about a layout, move on, come back to it when I've forgotten about it, and realize I kinda like it now. And $16 is $16! ;)

  2. This is my third attempt at commenting! The JD calendar is definitely your style! Black, white, funky and fresh - um, yeah. Go for it, I say. Two different opinions, it's up to you! :)