Project Life: June NYC Trip

If you haven't heard... I love New York. Not like the "I love New York even though I've never been" kind of way. Like, I truly, deeply have this madly insane love affair with New York. I was fortunate enough to go there twice last year and got to document them all in my 2013 Project Life album. One trip had eleven inserts - ELEVEN.. and I was only there for 3 days. 

The photo on the left is from a greeting card that I bought with the intention of using as art on my wall. I scanned it into my computer, made it bigger and added the text using Photoshop. 

With my album last year, I had the freedom of using 12x12 albums. Those suckers have a lot of space. This time around, with the smaller 6x8 size, I had to come up with a plan to fit everything in but not end up with an entire album (though that is something I'm thinking about for the future). 

I had these awesome Simple Stories page protectors and knew they would be perfect to fit a lot of photos. I used three different configurations; all 2x2, six 2x2 and one 4x6, and six 2x2 and two 3x4's. 

I didn't use very many extras because I had so many photos to include. Even still, I didn't get everything I wanted in. Again, this is why I'm thinking of doing a separate album just for my New York trips. The thing with the 2x2 sized pockets is that it can be hard to fit a photo taken in landscape. So to fix that, I printed off a photo as 2x4 and cut it down the middle to fit into two pockets (see above with the Radio City photo).

At the end I used a four 3x4 pocket page because the next pages would be going back to 3x4 sized poockets. I had already printed out the 2x2 photos, so instead of wasting them and printing again, I just placed them over some patterned paper from Glitz Design


  1. Although I don't share your love of NYC (I have a love/hate relationship with the city, after living in the heart of manhattan for 3 years I am convinced it is a city better loved from a distance), I love your layouts! Great use of the 2x2's, I agree it's hard to get landscape photos in them, I usually reserve them for Instagram, but I love how yours came out.

  2. Love your NYC layouts - I'm going for the first time in November and already think I'm going to need to dedicate a full album to the trip!! :)

  3. I love the album. I am currently pulling together my NY trip album and using a handbook for the first time (compared to my usual 12x12) so it will be a challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!