Project Life: June Pages

I hate being behind. Hate it. I get anxious and stressed and sweaty - gross. While I've been totally up to date with my actual scraping, I haven't been able to find the time to take, edit and blog the photos for the spreads. Maybe it has something to do with sitting at a computer all day? The last thing I want to go is go home and sit behind a computer some more. But also June has been busy with work, travel and fun. Hopefully come July I'll get my shit together and be able to crank out posts like I used to. 

So for now, I leave you with all of my June pages! I'll be posting my NYC trip spreads in a couple days because they're extra special and deserve their own post haha.

One: supplies: Calendar - Rifle Paper Co; "treat yourself" - Kate Spade; wood heart banner - Studio Calico's Camelot Project Life kit; "wanderlust" sticker - Glitz Design; Becky Higgins page protectors

I'm so over these calendars, I will not be using them going forward.

Two: supplies: black and grey hearts - Glitz Design; "in this moment" digital paper - Studio Calico's Digital | Beyond the Basics Class; Becky Higgins page protectors

I loved how the right page turned out, I took a piece of the digital paper from the SC class, turned it into a stamp and stamped it over and over on the image and reduced the opacity. 

Three, front insert: supplies: gold star tab - Studio Calico's Bluegrass Farm Scrapbook kit; Becky Higgins page protectors (insert = one four 3x4 pocket page cut in half)

I wanted to include the panorama shot of the sunset but didn't want it to take up the two rows of both pages, so I made the image 8x3 instead of 4x12. I also really wanted to use the gold tab I had been hoarding.

Three, back insert: supplies: gold punchinella vellum - Studio Calico; "Friday I'm in love" sticker - Glitz Design; gold star tab - Studio Calico's Bluegrass Farm Scrapbook kit; black patterned paper - Michael's; Becky Higgins page protectors

My favourite part of this is the blurry photo of Sophie and Sadie on the bottom right hand side. They love playing together and I was bummed that all the photos I took of them were blurry, but I included this one and then used Photoshop to add the text.

Four: supplies: patterned paper (a) and (b) - Glitz Design, journal card - Dear Lizzy, gold heart - Studio Calico; star flair badge - Two Peas in a Bucket (RIP)

The text on the right side is from a J.Crew catalogue, I loved the part that says"everything's right when something isn't perfect" and the part that says "the magic is in the mix". The colours all nicely tied in with the photo and the papers on the left (I LOVE when that happens). Also, the Fault in Our Stars was amazing and I keep watching the trailer over and over and crying.

Five: supplies: polka-dot paper - Glitz Design; typed words cut out from a piece of Maggie Holmes paper; gold banner - Studio Calico's Camelot Project Life kit; gold heart punched out from a piece of gold paper from Michael's; Simple Stories page protectors

This was the last spread before my New York trip, I had no Sophie and not much to include but I loved the photo of my bed and wanted it as a full 6x8, the downside was that I knew the start of my NYC trip would have a full 6x8, so I made a little semi-layout to fill the empty 6x8 hole.. if that makes sense.

Six: supplies: "high five" card - Studio Calico's Hello, Hello Project Life kit; Brighton Pier Free Printable (printed onto vellum instead of card stock) - Studio Calico, Becky Higgins page protectors

This one is my favourite. I had this idea to include some screenshots of some of the photos that I've liked on Instagram. I thought it would be a great way to sort of show what I'm into at this moment. I clearly have a theme; project life posts, couples and babies. And yes, I liked the Kimye wedding photo - sue me. Haha. I used a Simple Stories flip-pocket to add an extra photo, it's private (as in, I don't want anyone seeing it, even people going through my album) so I used a paper clip to hold it down - gold, obviously. I'm also dying over the look on Sophie's face. I had taken it on the day I had got her back from my parents, she was exhausted and in no mood for taking pictures. Just look at her! That face screams "I'm not enjoying this".

Seven: supplies: Brighton Pier Free Printable (printed onto vellum instead of card stock) - Studio Calico, PS Letterpress card by Chronicle Books, Becky Higgins page protectors

One thing I love about using vellum is that you can use it to fill the back side of the page as well, just like how this Brighton Pier printable can be seen. I might go back and add some text to that PS card, but I haven't decided, I kind of like it blank.

Eight: supplies: "it's that time again" card - Hello Forever for Studio Calico, pink heart - Glitz Design, gold polka-dot paper - Kate Spade, "fan-fucking-tastic" greeting card by Chronicle Books, Becky Higgins page protectors, enamel dots - various, by Studio Calico

This is the end of album two, woo.


  1. Love your pages as always! Why aren't you liking the calendars? Just curious because I have a similar system going for this year as we'll (I believe I'm using th calendars you used last year if I remember correctly).

  2. Love your scrap book, full of ideas and inspiration :)

  3. Your pages are always so beautiful:)

  4. Cool!! How did you remove the white box from the Brighton Pier freebie printable in Photoshop?