Project Life: May Eleven

I like mixing things up. Last year I stuck with the same Design A page protectors all year and while I loved how they flowed together... I felt it was hard to "do something special" with my photos. About half way through the year I started doing "enlarged photos" basically one photo that took over a few pockets. I've been trying to do that again with this smaller size.

The two bottom left pictures I took with TimerCam on my iPhone while I was out in the rain. I was in a bad mood, it was pouring.. so I stood out on my balcony for about 5 minutes. It sounds crazy but it felt amazing. On the weekends during the day the city is pretty quiet, eerily quiet some days and everything combined made for a great moment. My neighbours probably think I'm insane.

Another thing that's fun to do is to use Becky Higgins 5x7 page protectors as inserts. I have to punch extra holes do they fit into the Studio Calico Handbook, but they are the perfect size to include various things. Here I got another package from Kate Spade which came with this cute card inside - thick paper, silver foil.. it's pretty, so I included it. 

One of my favourite things about Studio Calico, is the Chats. It's great chatting with members on the message board but it's a totally different ballgame in the live chat. These ladies are hilarious and I look forward to the chats each month. I was feeling the love during the last chat and decided that it needed to be included in my album. So


  1. love the chat session screenshot addition! and also the 5x7 insert...