Project Life: July Five

I've said it before and I'll say it again - I love full page photos. They need very little embellishment and yet still make such a statement. This one says "I'm an independent woman who can put up shelves without a man" also, "I'm a girly girl who likes white and gold with splashes of pink". 

For this spread I used some cards from my Studio Calico monthly kit, these are from Penny Arcade. I used a circle punch to punch out the "I'm not going to freak out" bit. I placed that onto a gold foil quote card which is in a 3x4 flip pocket from Simple Stories that is covering some private journalling. The gold paper clip is to keep it in place (and to stop people who are looking through my album to read the hidden text). The "goodness" wood veneer is from Chic Tags and I love it. I want to use this on everything, all the time.  

I love taking photos of my apartment because it's always changing. I've lived here for several years and from when I moved in until now is night and day. I literally slept on a three inch foam mattress when I first moved in because I didn't have enough money for a queen sized bed. So now you know why I love my bed so much. The photos on the walls are always being rotated and the frames keep getting more gold. Because I spend so much time here it's only natural that it would be in my albums a lot. Like the card says, "there's no place like home".


  1. Tracy. STOP IT. I mean, don't. But also do. I've been following along from the sidelines for awhile now but GIRL. I think I love style/life. Let's dive in:

    01 | full page photos are always a good idea. Super simple way to make a bold statement and/or remember something important to you.

    02 | interior shots are some of my fave. I love taking photos of the inside of my house (mostly for photography skillz practice) but I always feel weird including them between photos of my kids in my PL album.

    03 | using a circle punch on the "i'm not going to freak out" card is GENIUS. Stealing that idea FO' SHO.

    04 | that "goodness" tag is just...yes.