Project Life: July Four + Giant PL Cards

Enabler alert: digital Project Life cards make great 6x8 pages. 

I posted about this last week on my Instagram account (note: that gets way more of my attention than the blog does!). I got this idea after I saw that the Kiwi Edition was finally available in a digital format. Being in Canada it's hard to come across the "exclusive editions" and even if you do find them, shipping is mostly more than the cost of the core kit. So I've purchased digital versions of the kits I really like, but don't want to spend $50+ to get. I have Seafoam, Midnight, Sunshine, Kiwi, Cut & Paste and Plus One. 

The greatest part about them is that I can manipulate the cards in Photoshop to better fit my style. If a card is green, I'll change it to black and white (which also helps save on ink). This one I didn't print at home because it would have used up my entire ink cartridge, not really, but probably. I sized it to be about 6.7x8.7 to avoid the rounded corners from showing and it worked out great once I cut it down to size. The image isn't grainy and I love how it adds a bold statement. 

I also like printing these cards out onto vellum, because we all know I'm obsessed with vellum (among many other things) and turning the texts into digital stamps. There are so many things you can do with digital products! 


  1. Oh wow. IN LOVE with that "at this very moment" "card". I would love to do a 6x8 album, but I just can't get myself to switch the family album from a 12x12 to a 6x8, and I'm not sure if I have the time to keep up with a whole separate PL album just to make a 6x8 album (although I have two or three solid ideas for a good "theme" for z 6x8).

    And printing on vellum? yes, Yes, YES.

    PS: loved seeing you over on Caylee's blog this morning :)

  2. This is awesome! I love digital cards too.

  3. LOOOVE this idea because the rounded corners drive me nuts! And I'm craving some bold quotes in my 6x8 book too :)

  4. When you say you don't print them out at home, where do you print them out? Is that regular paper, or a photograph?