Project Life: July Seven

Almost caught up! Well... sort of anyways. I really need to start dating photos because I don't actually remember when these were taken! It was one of my goals at the start of this year but clearly I did not keep up with that. It's from last week-ish. Of course, I had to document that I made the Chic Tags Design Team! I didn't get the journalling added, but there will be some text over that gold foil grid card (!!!!). 

I got my Starbucks gold card in the mail after several months and it's gold and sparkly and pretty... but I use my iPhone app so I most likely won't ever actually use the card. I love both the pictures of Sophie, the one on the left is from a morning cuddle and the one on the right is a bedtime snapshot. If it's possible she's even more adorable when she sleeps. She has this little under-bite (which you can see in the real photo, didn't show up well here). 

Supplies: Chic Tags gold foil card, fun stuff tag; a Becky Higgins page protector and a Simple Stories one; "all you need is sleep" script is by Jasmine Dowling.


  1. Love your spread -as always-! Sophie's so cute!! ;)