Project Life: August Two

And we're back at it! This is from the start of August (seriously how are we already past the mid point of the month?). For this spread I used bits of paper from the Penny Arcade monthly scrapbooking kit by Studio Calico, as well as one of my favourite gold foil vellums from SC's LemonLush line, and then a 6x8 Sunshine edition digital Project Life card. Same thing I did here and here

I took that 6x8 card and added a 3x4 piece of paper from Penny Arcade and a wood veneer from Brighton Pier then wrapped some gold string around to add a bit of sparkle. But really, who am I kidding, I just wanted to add more gold. The RAD card is from last years Marks & Co Project Life kit, I stitched it by hand with gold thread from Michaels. 

So, judge away if you want, but I'm hooked on the Fifty Shades of Grey poster AND trailer - hot damn, Jamie Dornan. You've come a long way from Storybrooke, Sheriff. *tingles*


  1. I LOVE how you've been printing out cards from the Sunshine Edition in 6x8 format. It's the core kit I'm using for my 2014 album (this is my first year and I'm doing 12x12), and the prints are fun. You're great at mixing and matching, and I hope to do that in the future. I've branched out a little with my Studio Calico PL kits (I've been a member since May), but I look forward to a hodge-podge of fun in the future! Thanks for posting your layouts, they are an inspiration!