Project Life: October Four

I love my dog. It really shouldn't come as a surprise to everyone though. But, I'm basically obsessed with her. Completely obsessed. You know how some dogs get separation anxiety? Well in my case, I'm the one who gets it. Hmm.. maybe this is why I'm single...? Any way, I digress.. I

ncluding pictures of her and I make me happy. She's my best friend after all. Getting pictures of the two of us together is always an experience because unlike a person, you can't say "look at the camera". I usually have to take a lot in order to get a few that I like. For the collage of the "failed selfies" I just took a screenshot of my camera roll on my iPhone. The quote card is something I say about her all the time. She's really not super tiny, she's about 11 pounds, but sometimes she just looks so tiny and my heart explodes. Man, I'm going to be crazy when I actually have kids one day haha. 

I used an old digital version of a Studio Calico card and printed it onto a transparency. These are just your regular old office transparencies, nothing fancy and you can easily find them at your local office supply store. But be warned, they can be tricky to print on! I cut this down from 8.5x11 to 6x8 so it would fit into a page protector. I love how you can see the full 6x8 picture of Sophie and I behind it! I originally was going to do a follow up spread to this one I did back in April, but it morphed into a spread about the two of us (and I'm totally okay with that).


  1. I love this spread! It's such a cute way to document your pet. Do you have any tips for working with digital files? I've never tried them and I don't know how they work (like what program to use them with). Beautiful page!

  2. I'm always calling my puppy my best friend - I'm totally obsessed too! These pages are lovely! Xx