Project Life: October Two

This year was a first for me, I have officially hit the age where friends and family are getting married - whaaat!? One of my oldest friends, Chelsea, got married at the beginning of the month. Sadly, I was unable to attend the reception but I did get to attend the ceremony. It was beautiful and I completely welled up when her dad walked her down the aisle. And you bet I took pictures!

I wanted to keep things super simple because I wanted to make sure that I included my favourite photos. Plus, it really doesn't need any journaling! I included the adorable invitation by slipping it into a 5x7 page protector. For the right hand side of the spread, I included a full 6x8 photo that I took of some fallen leaves - you can read more about what I did with this page on this blog post here.


  1. Love the colors in this spread! It looks great. I'm inspired to start a 6x8 book.