Week in the Life

Last month I decided that I was going to try my hand at a Week in the Life. See here for more info on what I had planned. My main goal when scrapbooking is to keep it simple. It's what I say to anyone who asks me for advice on doing Project Life. Not that I'm some expert or anything, I just know what works for me. Simple. Week in the Life has become a pretty big project that people tackle every year. It's great if you have a family that you can document along the way, but if you're like me and you live alone... well, it's pretty hard to do a complete mini-album or full sized album of your weekly routines. The one thing that I learned while doing this for a week; man, my life is repetitive. 

I told myself "four to six photos a day" that's not hard right? WRONG. I can't believe how often I forget to take my phone out and snap pictures of my day. Side note: which is really hilarious when you think about how I've manage to fill three 6x8 Studio Calico Handbooks in 9 months. 

I knew that I wanted to keep things similar so someone flipping through my album would notice that this was a little project. I used the Weekly Envelopes from Studio Calico as title cards (not as envelopes) and 3x4 grid cards, also by Studio Calico, to record little points from the day. Because I failed at taking more than four pictures per day, there was stuff that I didn't get to show. So on the grid card, I used my type writer to type out what each picture was and then underneath wrote "note pictured" then noted what else happened.

Over all, I enjoyed the idea of the project and I like how it turned out but I don't know how anyone can make this into a full album. That's seriously impressive and kudos to you if you can! I'm not sure it would be something that I would do again as a "single person" as my life is just too repetitive for something that needs so much daily detail.


  1. I know the problem, that is why I don't do a project life. I live alone and I think there are not enough things they happen to be in a project life. I'm making instead a minialbum if it's worth for documenting or just simple layouts.

  2. I think most peoples weekly lives are probably pretty Mundane (husband, kids, or not). Unless someone "just-so-happened" to go on vacation the same week this project collided. I love how you recorded your week, and how you chose to stylize it.

  3. I think what makes it valuable is when the details change .... for example this year your _____ (whatever, job commute, breakfast, makeup routine) is such and such ... but when you do the project again in a couple years you'll notice an evolution or change in those little things. I just think it's interesting.

    I did WitL in 2011 and I'm doing it again now. Total change in jobs, house, pets, food, grocery/errands, etc.

  4. Thanks for sharing your WITL. I definitely need to borrow your 'not pictured' idea, as I too have some days where I've not taken enough photos.