Project Life: November Four

It was the best of times. Drinks with coworkers after work is definitely becoming something I need to do more often. Especially when the wine is free! I took one of the coasters from the pub, sliced off part of it and put it into a 3x4 pocket. The paper behind it is the backside of the card in that spot on the previous spread. I liked the pop of yellow, so I left it as it and drew a dotted line around the coaster. 

"it was the best of times" is a digital stamp from Studio Calico - that perfectly described the picture I took of (one of) my glasses of wine. Also, macarons are so good and I am obsessed with them. 

I loved the picture I took of my new mug from Starbucks, so I decided it was going to be a full 6x8. I even love all the white space around the photo. 


  1. I admire your creativity with any and all objects, PL related or not, that you put into your albums. Sometimes those items (like the coaster) tell more of a story than a photo!