Project Life: November Three

I've talked about it before, but I love including my Instagram likes in my Project Life album. Not only is it fun to look at design wise, but it's a lot of fun to include other people (be it friends, people I admire, or celebrities - sorry not sorry I follow Kim Kardashian). It's fun to be able to include 48 pictures into one 6x8 space. I added a little diamond wood veneer, that I heat embossed with gold glitter embossing powder, to the outside of the page protector. Who says you have to keep thing in the pockets?

For the right side, I included a 3x8 picture of Sophie. Using Photoshop, I made a 3x8 canvas, sized the photo to fit within it and printed it out and then cut it in half to fit the 3x4 pocket. I used a Studio Calico digital brush to add "always" to the photo before I printed it. The pink circle card is a cut down 4x6 filler card from the Studio Calico Poet's Society monthly kit. That's right, I cut down a 4x6 card and turned it into a 3x4 card! I've really started to think outside the box and make all cards work for me. If that means cutting them down or punching bits out, so be it! The gold glitter foam stars are from Michaels and were a last minute addition, which helped tie together the gold glitter from the left hand side of the page. 

The "yes" card is one that I made when I printed out my November calendar page, to avoid wasting that awesome paper, I made a couple cards to fill up the rest of the 8.5x11 page. 


  1. I love how you incorporated the instagram pictures. It's cool to keep track of, but it also looks really nice on the page!

  2. I love the Instagram how are you printing your feed?

  3. Such a great idea. :) I'll have to give this a go. :) Maybe a mini 3x4 for the week. :)