Project Life: November Two

I spent the day out at my parents house and that morning had a really great sunrise. In my apartment I only get sunsets, so I almost never get to see the sun come up. And coincidentally that night when I was back home, we had a really awesome sunset. I thought it would be really cool to have the sunrise/sunset photos next to each other. 

I used Photoshop and my printer to print out some words onto vellum. I bought vellum meant for inkjet printers at Paper Soure back in September when I was in California (Canada doesn't have them) and finally got around to trying them out. My silly printer doesn't actually print on vellum, so I had to trick my printer into thinking it was printing on plain paper by attaching a 3x4 piece of vellum onto cardstock and running it through - worked like a charm with only minor ink bleed on the piece that says "definitely ate too much candy". I added the vellum over the photo of all the Halloween candy I had because I wanted to dull the colours a bit. 

I included the Manhattan Love Story poster because I really liked the show and sadly it was cancelled - whomp whomp. And the "golden day" card is and old card by Kelly Purkey for Studio Calico. I also "cheated" and included a picture of my dad and our dog Murphy that my mom took. It was a nice photo and who says you have to only include pictures that you took!? Hehe.


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