Project Life: November Eight

Since I started scrapbooking and doing Project Life, I've always used my iPhone to take pictures with. It's portable, it's small, and it's always with me. Sure, sometimes it lags and I miss out on taking "the perfect shot" but for the most part I'm completely happy with the quality of the pictures - especially after I run them through my favourite editing app PicTapGo. My brother bought a Canon DSLR camera last year and at first, I was doubting his choice. Just use your phone! I decided a couple weeks ago that I wanted to ask to see if he would let me borrow it and amazingly enough he said "I guess". Which was a huge win in my books. 

I know nothing about DSLR cameras. He has two lenses for it and I don't even know what kind they are, just that one zooms in really well. I see you Ugly Naked Guy (just kidding, gross). I haven't had too much time to play around with it because by the time I get home from work it's pitch black out, so I've only been able to use it on the weekends but so far I am super impressed. Do I think that it will replace my iPhone camera? No. Do I think I might look into saving up for one? Maybe. But my real concern is how much I would actually use it. If I had kids, I would most definitely want one, but realistically for me right now, I don't think it's worth it. I wouldn't want to carry it around in my purse all day and I'd be too worried someone might try to steal it. But man, it takes good pictures!

For this spread I used some of my Studio Calico monthly Project Life kits, these are from Walden. The "happiness is" card is from the Midnight core kit and the "magic" circle is a card from this Studio Calico Christmas card set, I punched it out with a circle punch and attached it to the transparency - which is the same one as this previous spread. The circles are the same size so it gives a pretty cool effect. The quote card is a plain 3x4 grid card and it was not what I originally planned but then I cut apart an SC card and went crazy with the scissors and tried to salvage it... which I did, somehow! Cut and paste for the win! On the top right card, I used one of these WRMK acrylic embellishments, which are so cool. It's subtle and doesn't compete with the rest of the page but it still adds a little something extra.

Also. My most favourite part of this spread is the picture of Sophie. It's so ironic because the card says "evidence of happiness" and she does not look happy. If she could talk, she'd tell me to get the effing camera out of her face. 


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