Project Life: November Six

I'll be switching sizes for Project Life next year, to 9x12 from 6x8. I have loved the Handbook size, don't get me wrong, it's exactly what I needed for this year. But in my attempt to save space from the three gigantic 12x12 albums I used in 2013, I filled FOUR Handbooks. Oops. So I think I need a size in between, which is where 9x12 comes into play. I'll be using the upcoming Studio Calico 9x12 albums - cannot wait to hear more information about those. One of my other reasons to switch sizes is because I have been finding it hard to include journal and filler cards as well as all of the photos I've taken. 

For this spread, I tried to do a balance of all three. The top left card is from the Midnight core kit, the gold glitter ampersand is a cut down card from WRMK's Studio Gold line with Theresa Collins. The journal card next to it, is also from the Midnight core kit (to be totally honest, I had forgotten all about this kit - oops), with a gold puffy heart sticker placed on it. The "together" stamp is a digital stamp from Studio Calico, the "be-you-tiful" card is also from Studio Calico - the Walden Project Life kit. The "give to love, love to give" tag is from a dress I got from Forever 21, it's gold foil with a pink foil heart. No, I didn't buy the dress just for the tag.. but it was a lovely added bonus.


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