Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your main go-to supplies?
My most important supply is my iPhone 5s. I do use a computer now, it's an HP laptop and I also use Photoshop, which I rent from Adobe for a monthly $10 fee. Next would be my printer - see below for more info on that. I also love my Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher, mini staples? Yes, please! I'm a big fan of double sided tape. I'm always using my Fiskars paper trimmer to cut down my 4x6 photos and any 12x12 paper I use. Vellum is amazing and I use it a lot for a variety of reasons. Using one of my typewriters with vellum might just be my favourite way to add a bit of journaling to a photo. StazOn black ink is great. The Studio Calico Handbooks are fabulous. They hold a lot of pages because their spine is so wide and they come in such beautiful colours. I use a mix of page protectors for my album. Currently, I'm using a mixture of Becky Higgins 6x8 page protectors and Simple Stories Sn@p pages (use a single hole punch to punch the extra holes so they fit into the Handbooks). I subscribe to Studio Calico's monthly Project Life kits, they're my absolute favourite. I love the variety of cards which sometimes lead me to discovering new favourites (seriously, you should see my hoard box). 

Where do you get your photos printed?
Last year I used a Canon Selphy CP900, it was great, it did the job and was basically the main reason why I was able to stay up to date all year long. But sadly, I found the quality really started to go downhill recently. It didn't matter how much I edited the photo it printed out like crap. So I decided to buy a full real printer, it's an Epson XP610. It's actually a printer, scanner and fax machine - but really who faxes anymore. It's also wireless so I am able to print straight from my phone to the printer. I can also print wirelessly from my laptop to the printer. I use Staples brand matte paper, it's like $15 (but goes on sale for $7.50 a lot) and it comes 8.5x11 so I can use Photoshop to add all my photos to one page to print. There are four ink cartridges so when one runs out I don't have to replace all of them.

What type of camera do you use to take your photos?
I don't actually have a camera so none of my photos are taken with one. I only use the camera on my iPhone 5. That's why some of my pictures may not be the greatest quality or why sometimes the colour looks a little off.

How do you edit your photos?
Seeing as I only use my iPhone 5s my photos are edited with PicTapGo - it's an amazing app you can find in the iTunes store. Though sometimes I do pull them into Photoshop to edit them, but mostly they are still all done through PicTapGo.

How long does it take you to finish a layout?

It really depends, to be honest. I leave my album open on a small desk all the time so whenever inspiration strikes I can work on it. I also print my photos whenever they're ready to go. I love that I can take, edit, print and place a photo in my album in less than five minutes. Because I work on my album all week long, it's hard to put a time on it. I guess anywhere from 30 minutes to 45 minutes - depending on how many embellishments I use.

Why did you decide to go from 12x12 to 6x8?

I live in a 500 sq/f studio apartment, so space isn't something I have a lot of. I really loved 12x12 but when I started this project last year, I decided that I would only do the larger format for "important years". In 2013 I turned 25, so for me that was an important year. I'll use 12x12 again for my first year of marriage and whenever I may get pregnant and have a child. Well, that's the plan anyways, but as we all know, things don't necessarily go as planned. But I just don't have room in my apartment for three 12x12 albums a year! 6x8 is much more manageable. Plus, it's so friggen adorable!

Square corners or rounded ones?
I prefer square corners but since the Studio Calico monthly Project Life kits and the Becky Higgins core kits come with rounded corners I use those as well. I used to think mixing the two would bother me - but honestly, I don't even notice it anymore! 

Can I post pictures of your layouts on Pinterest?
Yes! Of course! But please make sure to link back to this site. Thanks!

Can I be a guest author on your blog?
As of right now, no. I'm not looking for any co-authors.

I sent you an email this morning, how come you haven't written me back yet?
I'm so sorry if it takes me a day or so to respond to any of your emails. This blog is a side project. I work full-time, Monday to Friday. Evenings and weekends are my play time!

Would you like to be my pen pal?
No, not at this time, sorry. 

Do you get paid to talk about any of the products you write about or use?
All reviews and opinions are mine, no one has paid me to rave about anything. If someone wants me to do a sponsored post they can reach me through my email (below) and we can go from there. Occasionally, I will post affiliate links to products that I use, love and recommend. If you purchase a product through any of these links, I receive a small commission which helps me keep crafting.

Your dog is so adorable, what breed is she?
The simple answer is that she's a chihuahua/terrier. The complicated answer is that truthfully I don't know. Sophie is a rescue dog I adopted from a rescue group here in Vancouver. She was saved from a high-kill shelter in California with a dozen or so other dogs and brought up to Vancouver to find her forever home (I'm so thankful that for her, that forever home is with me). I am 100% for adoption of rescue dogs. So please if you are looking to get a dog for yourself or for your family, look into saving the life of a shelter dog. 

Want to know anything more? 
Send me an email at hello.tracyxo (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll do my best to answer your question there!